Monday, March 24, 2008

Seaside Charm

This card was made for an SCS challenge based on an inspirational picture of a Seaside Charm Bracelet

Lots of work and several hours went into this card ... mainly 'cuz I was overly inspired by that gorgeous bracelet and I wanted to experiment with different techniques all at once to really capture its colors and charm. Soooo, I tried several things (like beading), .... arrggghhh... you have to have the patience of an angel to bead.... guess Im not an angel..... LOL .... I experimented with Diamond Glaze, Diamond Dust, Glass Glitter, Beads & Microbeads, Charms, Layers, Brads, Stickers....... Anyway, this is where I stopped working on it. What do you think of the end result?

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