Sunday, May 04, 2008


This card was created for yesterday's SCS challenge... which was to create a card that was inspired by a scrapbook page! Well, Ive only ever done ONE scrapbook album. It was my very first and it's an ARMY book honoring my military husband. There were several inspirational pages.... I couldnt decide on just one, so the card came together as an overall inspiration. Thanks for looking! America

Here is a clipping of a military article. My husband was treating the local children in Europe's Kosovo villages during that deployment. The pictures show him listening to the hearts of children.

Being an active duty military family, we have been blessed to have traveled to and lived in many wonderful places around the world. From Chicago to Texas to Maryland and across the Oceans to Germany then on to Hawaii and Alaska, Pennsylvania, Washington State.... and of course -there were a few others in between... like deployments to Kosovo and IRAQ...
Ken is an Army Officer and a Physician who's hardworking, strong, smart and caring. He's truly a great soldier whom I admire and respect. Im very lucky to have found him for he makes me a strong person. (though he still drives me crazy at times-as I imagine all husbands out there do) lol.


  1. Your scrapbook is wonderful! I'm working on 2 of them now (both kids are in). Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  2. Your card turned out great and I love all these pictures you shared. Wow!

  3. Hey America! Your scrapbook pages are AWESOME. . .you should do more of them!! You are lucky to have a husband who is hardworking and dedicated to his country. You created a wonderful album to honor him.

    I love your card. . .your cards show the love you have for the art of card making!! As always, it's fabulous!!


  4. These are all AWESOME! I really love the top one! Great coloring job! {SMILES}