Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sleeping In The Crocus

Another adorable House Mouse Stamp Image of 3 mice sleeping in the Crocus.
This card took 2 days and several attempts to get the coloring just right. In fact, the crocus flowers were originally the color purple - believe it or not!! I kept making one coloring mistake after another due to my coloring disability. I just cant color to save my life.....sooo, I finally decided to take off the main image completely and start over. sigh... This time it was to be with my brand new magical set of 36 colors of permanent markers...... so off to work I went... hilighting the crease lines and creating shadow effects like my wonderful friend Maria had explained to me over the phone while she was driving to pick up her kids).... LOL... She also talked about watercoloring with terpentine and all that jazz.... but.... its just too much for me to digest! Maybe getting that involved would discourage me..... remember, I have a coloring disability! So, I hope that by just using my magical sharpies and my wonderful LePlume markers I have made Maria proud! What do you think?

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