About Me

Hi my name is America!  

I'm blessed with 4 wonderful children. I am wife to an active duty US ARMY Officer who is a terrific, supportive Husband.  He has been my BIGGEST fan from the very start. :) 

As a Mililtary family, we average a big move (every 2-3 years) - and its usually across the country or across the world's oceans. But that's OK, because we quickly learn to adjust and it helps that we love to travel. Living in different countries & environments brings our family joy. We love the experiences and diversity.

I was introduced to paper-crafting a few years ago while living in Germany and have since developed a great passion for card-making.  I've collected thousands of stamps along the way. But thats OK because I have good intentions to use them all  With 4 kids to raise, there just never seems to be enough time though! :)

My favorite paper-crafting hobby is card-making. My work includes various products from variety of brands.  My card style can be categorized as busy because it tends to seem a little on the "busy" side, (LOL). But, that's probably due to keeping the eyes interested. :)  I do have a tough time doing CAS (Clean and Simple) cards because I like LAYERS upon LAYERS, but Im trying! :) I'm a self taught Crafter and proud of what I can accomplish with trying new things.

All in all, this paper crafting hobby is soothing. If I were to allow it to become more of a chore, it would totally stop being FUN.

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner. I sincerely appreciate your support.

Happy Crafting!:)