Thursday, September 19, 2013

BLOG CANDY, House-Mouse reminder, and revived/repurposed/redesigned cards

Hello Crafty Friends. 
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I also wanted to show you two of my revived/repurposed/redesigned cards, (just for FUN)...  Do you ever find yourself doing that to your own creations??  I did this after finding a package of some of my older cards that never got used because they needed a little extra 'adjusting'.  (some adjusting due to my not liking the original, or if these were coming apart or got bent or torn with the big move). So, instead of creating new cards, I took some time to adjust these older cards and ended up changing them up a bit. Take a look...

THE BEFORE of this Friendship  *SUNFLOWER* CARD

THE AFTER of the same Friendship *SUNFLOWER* CARD
Aside from brightening the card with a lighter card base, cutting and embossing the main panel, and adding punching, can you find other changes made?

Next, I did some adjusting to a BOY CARD. Here is THE BEFORE
THE AFTER of the same BOY CARD
The main changes that took place are in the background, where embossing was replaced with punching. For FUN, what other changes do you see? What do you think about revisiting old projects?

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  1. what a different card you get america.
    I love the changes they look greatand beautiful.
    specially the background from the boy card.
    And the sunflower card looks more brighter.

    greetings karin

  2. I do this often america ,redoing old cards ! As we keep on making cards we learn many things..and that makes us to update our old cards :D !! I loved both set of cards..they looked beautiful earlier and now also !Changes Sunflower has glitter and for the second one number layers may be !!

  3. Hi America! Your creations look fantastic BOTH ways for sure! :) I've done that myself and I'm doing it right now actually. But I think both of these look wonderful both ways!! HUGS

  4. everything looks great! before and after.

  5. Girl...where do you find the time? Love the addition of glitter and color to your 'refurbished' creations LOL!!!

  6. TFS the before & after!
    I've never done that!
    I give away my 'mistakes' and the 'hmmmm' ones; usually I'm the only one not too happy with them!!

  7. All fabulous cards, love the gorgeous house mouse image and it's amazing how different they look with the different layouts
    Lindsay xx